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Invest like Soros

Soros Fund Management, known for making significant returns on investments in traditional currencies, recently announced investing in cryptocurrencies. It is an organization founded by George Soros himself. He is a great financier, economist, investor from the United States. Soros is called the most successful speculator in the world.  

It is worth noting the following interesting facts:

  1. George Soros vies with Warren Buffett for the most successful investor of all time;
  2. He has invested most of his enormous fortune in charitable work;
  3. His support for progressive ideas made him the target of right-wing conspiracy theories.

He calls the philosophy of his trading strategy “reflexivity.” The theory avoids the traditional notion of an equilibrium-based market environment, where all information is known to all market participants and, thus, is considered in prices. On the contrary, Soros believes that market participants themselves directly influence the underlying principles of the market and that their irrational behavior leads to ups and downs that open up investment opportunities.

“We think the whole infrastructure related to crypto is really interesting, and we are making some investments in this infrastructure – and we think that it is at a tipping point,” Don Fitzpatrick of Soros Fund Management told Bloomberg.

Soros Fund Management this month invested in cryptographic provider Lukka and bitcoin financial services company NYDIG.

ECOS created a new portfolio called Soros Index. It will allow investing in infrastructure projects on the same principles as the Soros fund invests:

  1. You need to adapt to the situation;
  2. Market prices do not reflect the real state of affairs;
  3. You need to be able to catch the main market trend;
  4. Markets are cyclical: a recession is always followed by a rally;
  5. Look to the future, not the past.

If these principles are close to you and you want to invest the same way as George Soros, then buy the Soros Index portfolio and become a new legendary investor!

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