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ECOS Referral program

Invite new users and get 7% from the first purchase and 5% from all subsequent purchases of revenue from cloud mining contracts to your account in the ECOS system. New users registered with any referral link will get a free trial contract for 1 month.

  • How does it work?

    According to the ECOS referral program the user (referrer), who provided a referral link for registration of new users, gets 7% from the first purchase, and 5% from all subsequent purchases in TH/s of the referral contract.

    Every user can generate as many referral links as he wishes and trace the statistics in his personal account.

    Where can referral links be allocated to attract new users?

    • In the articles of your blog, containing links to the services;
    • Add links or banners to your website or YouTube channel;
    • Send links to your clients or friends directly;
    • Recommend ECOS on forums or in various social media
  • How to get a link?

    Generate a unique referral link in your account dashboard.

    Web-version. Open your dashboard and then choose the section “Referrals”. Create a name for your referral link and press the button “Generate referral link”.

    ECOS app. Open your dashboard. Choose the section “More” in the bottom menu. Then choose the section “Referral program”. In the upper right corner, you will see the “Make new link” button. Create a name for your referral link and press the button “Generate referral link”.

    You can generate several links to track statistical data from several sources.

  • How to calculate a reward?

    In the Table of the referral reward the user can see:

    A unique code in the link
    The number of referral link clicks
    The number of registrations by referral link
    Contract purchases
    The date – the date of link generation

    The referral program is available to any ECOS client.
    Register, purchase a contract and start earning with us.

    Note: It is prohibited to use a referral link of an account owned by the same user. ECOS has an internal system identifying fraud. In case such fraud is identified the penalty can be applied to the account owner of the referral link (up to account freeze).

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