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Crypto investment ecosystem

Today, ECOS consists of a complete ecosystem of investment products. Our application provides access to all asset management and safe investing tools.

World leader in mining

Since 2017 ECOS has been building infrastructure for convenient and reliable handling of digital assets.
Our Company

ECOS company was established in 2017 in the eponymous Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in the city of Hrazdan, Armenia. Created jointly with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the FEZ is a unique space for the development of projects in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Starting with a simple sale of equipment, by today ECOS is the world's largest company operating in the field of mining and creating its own investment infrastructure. The product line already has 6 working projects: cloud mining, ASIC mining, investment portfolios, hosting, wallet, and cryptocurrency exchange.

Mined BTC
Farm capacity

Our data center

ECOS data center is located on the territory of Hrazdan thermal power plant. To date, it has more than 20,000 devices and supports an energy infrastructure of 60 MW, capable of expansion to 200 MW. The location in Hrazdan creates a number of significant advantages, such as: direct receipt of electricity from thermal power plant, ideal climatic conditions and the presence of its own service center. Armed guards monitor the safety and security of the equipment around the clock, and a team of engineers working on the site 24/7 ensures uninterrupted operation.
In addition to our own capacities that provide cloud mining and other products, the ECOS data center serves as a hosting service for large miners around the world.
ECOS Development Path
Here you can get acquainted with the main stages and milestones of our company's development.
ECOS Company Foundation
FEZ Creation Agreement signed
Data Center Launch on FEZ territory
ECOS cloud mining launch
First 5 residents signed agreements in FEZ
The first 2MW of the site has been mastered
Launch of ECOS mobile application
Launch of exchange service and investment portfolios
The milestone of 100 000 users has been reached
Launch of a new 60 MW facility
Launch of ECOS Marketplace
The milestone of 400 000 users has been reached
ECOS team

ECOS team

Today, ECOS team has more than 100 best professionals in their fields.

Get to know the main faces of the company.
  • Ilya Goldberg
    Founder & CEO
  • Ayodeji Olufemi
    Sales Team Lead
  • Vlad Akelyev
  • Philippe Vesin
    Head of Sales
  • Anna Komashko
    Community Manager

ECOS in media

We are covered by the major media.
“It’s hard to beat ECOS as an easy mining solution.”
“ECOS is a trusted cloud mining provider.”
“ECOS is the best cloud mining service provider for beginners.”
”The company takes full care and responsibility for the purchase of mining equipment from Bitmain”
”Armenia, in partnership with ECOS, now has a Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan with unique conditions”
“ECOS offers the infrastructure comprised of a power plant, data center and mining farm with Bitmain equipment.“
Certificates of the largest ratings
More than 50,000 real reviews about the work of our products and services are an indicator of trust and reliability, for which we have been working for 5 years.
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It is a one-stop solution for both cloud mining and crypto investment. Reliable service...
Capt. Inderdeep D.
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Ecos has quality products which include cloud mining, investment portfolio, exchange an...
Mashell C.
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ECOS is the best and the easiest way to mine BTC at very promising hashrate. Long term ...
Haitham A.
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The fact that I could trade Crypto so easily and so safely using Mobile and desktop in ...
Pontsho M
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I really like the simplicity of its platform, it allows me to quickly access it anywher...
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I have found Ecos to be very informative, costumer service is excellent.
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It's a real platform with good customer care service. As a member of the free economic ...
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Always attentive and responsive. Easy to use app and excellent community!
Amy Martinell
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An excellent mining app. Customer-friendly. Packed with lots of promotions, events and ...
Marcin Grzywacz
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