Top 5 DeFi Tokens in 2022

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Top 5 DeFi tokens in 2022

DeFi tokens have become one of the most attractive types of crypto assets for investors. They’re transparent and immutable and ensure simple entry into financial markets. In this article, we’ll list the five new crypto coins 2022 that you might consider buying. You’ll have high odds of making a good profit on them in the future. 


The native cryptocurrency of the DeFi Swap trading platform is DEFC. It enables its holders to hold and trade decentralized currencies.

Here is how the DEFC static rewards function:

  1. Someone trades or sells this token
  2. They pay a 10% tax on the operation
  3. Half of the tax amount is distributed among other DEFC holders, proportionally to the amount they hold
  4. The second half goes into the liquidity pools

This approach reduces the volatility of the cryptocurrency. When a whale gets rids of a large amount of DEFC, the price of the currency won’t plummet.

This asset deserves to be called one of the best DeFi coins because its price remains relatively stable during the three Autumn months of 2022. Currently, it costs $0.0736. When it hit the market in May 2022, it cost $0.5218. After falling to $0.2828 in a couple of weeks, it recovered to the level of $0.3878 by the last days of the month.

The team behind DEFC is planning to deliver more technical analysis charts as well as webinars and other formats of educational content. The app of this platform is expected to go live soon. These measures are targeted at expanding the audience of this cryptocurrency and raising the number of trading operations that involve DEFC.


We call it one of the top 5 DeFi coins because it’s spot-on for everyday rewards. The Lucky Block platform employs smart contracts and functions on the Binance Smart Chain. Its users can draw prizes and receive rewards by playing games. Blockchain technology guarantees fairness and transparency in distributing privileges.

Those who hold LBLOCK can have a right to:

  1. Benefit from instant jackpot payouts every 24 hours
  2. Purchase tickets with a 0% fee 

To prevent people from selling this cryptocurrency and encourage them to maintain short-term liquidity, the team behind this project established a 12% tax on sales. This sum is split according to this scheme:

  1. 1% is burnt to stimulate the demand
  2. 3% is invested in the NFT & Gaming Royalty Fund (this fund will serve as the foundation for metaverse development)
  3. 4% goes into pools
  4. 4% joins the liquidity pools

The current price of this currency is $0.0001799. During the ICO, people purchased it at $0.00089. Its record-time high was $0.009617 in February 2022.

Are you curious about where to buy DeFi coins of Lucky Block? This asset is listed on Pancakeswap. It’s one of the best-known trading platforms for crypto DeFi projects.


Decentraland is one of the best DeFi crypto startups with metaverse ambitions. It’s a virtual planet that develops on the Ethereum blockchain. Its inhabitants can communicate with each other, take part in entertainment activities and receive rewards. The primary asset in this world is land. It can be purchased, sold and traded. Each plot acts as an NFT. 

To conduct p2p transactions, the MANA token is used. It was built on the ERC-20 standard. Today, it costs $0.482. One year ago, its price was $5.90. 

Despite its relatively low cost, MANA managed to enter the top 5 list of the most promising metaverse cryptocurrencies. Its market cap has reached $1.3 billion.


Some people who’re planning to buy DeFi coins want to not only secure a profit for themselves. They would like to contribute to socially and technologically important projects. 

Cosmos is a perfect example of such a project. It strives to simplify interoperability between blockchains with the help of open-source instruments. Cosmos makes it easier for blockchains to carry out transactions between them and share data. Every time a new blockchain goes live, it’s added to the Cosmos Hub storage. It’s a PoS network with its own currency, called ATOM.

ATOM performs three tasks:

  1. Ensures smooth interaction between various blockchains
  2. Carries out operations within the network
  3. Is used to pay out rewards to validators

Its current price is $11.09. In September 2021, it reached a record-breakingly high level of $44.28. In Autumn 2022 many assets are plummeting — yet the price of ATOM keeps going up and down without decreasing too drastically. This fact emphasizes the shock resistance of this cryptocurrency and the expertise of its team.


SushiSwap is a crypto trading platform based on the Ethereum chain, with high levels of liquidity. To provide this liquidity, the exchange relies on the automated market-making (AMM) algorithm. Unlike a conventional market maker, this algorithm operates according to the principle of decentralization. It guarantees sufficient demand for all the assets listed on the platform.

The native token of this ecosystem is called SUSHI. Its current price is $1.13. The cost of this cryptocurrency reached its all-time high in March 2021 when it was $22.86.

SushiSwap enables its users to trade ERC-20 tokens through liquidity pools. People who stake their savings become liquidity providers for the pool and earn rewards. Each pool offers unique terms to its audience. For instance, liquidity providers in the Sushi Bar pool earn 0.05% on each transaction that is conducted within the pool. Plus, you can make a profit from yield farming and the local NFT marketplaces.

Final Thoughts

Among all the new crypto coins 2022, here are the five assets that deserve your attention the most: DFEC by DeFi Coin, LBLOCK by Lucky Block, MANA by Decentraland, ATOM by Cosmos and SUSHI by Sushiswap. They’re backed up by promising technological concepts and have accumulated a large audience. Their teams are experienced and highly motivated. These cryptocurrencies cope well with the current economic crisis and have the impressive potential for the long run. Now that their prices are affordable, it’s optimal time to invest in them.

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