The best Warren Buffett Index projects

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The best Warren Buffett index projects


Buffet Index is a portfolio that contains crypto projects selected according to Warren Buffett’s rules. Many investors follow these rules and want the same return as a great financial expert. Our analysts select assets based on Buffett’s investment rules, and today we will tell you about a few of them: Polygon and Terra.

What is Polygon?

The second layer network for Ethereum Polygon, aka Matic, is the most successful addition to Vitalik Buterin‘s blockchain in terms of the number of users and applications running, allowing users to solve the problem of expensive transaction fees.

As DappRadar shows, there are indeed users in the Polygon network. And the media are very optimistic about this coin. For example, in ranking the most promising cryptocurrencies, Polygon lost only to Polkadot and Solana in third place. At the same time, Cosmos and Terra took fourth and fifth place. We will talk about Terra a little later.

The price of Polygon correlates with the rate of Ethereum, and as soon as the TOP-2 cryptocurrency breaks through $4,000, a similar movement can be expected from Polygon. Our expectation from Polygon, based on its schedule and the current situation in the crypto market, is that it, like everyone else, will be waiting for a massive upside signal from BTC and ETH. The fate of the market for this year is now being decided there.

The number of active addresses in the polygon network:

What is Terra?

Terra is one project to create many stable coins for any fiat currencies. They claim to have partnerships that give them a user base of 45 million people. In 2021, the developers became well known for network updates, the last one was completed on September 30, and after some time, the token reached a new price high.

Two years ago, the project team promised to reach 45 million users. Most often, the price of a token rises with the release of an update after the start of the growth of bitcoin. And this growth exceeds the previous ones!

LUNA is both a coin for managing the network and, at the same time, a token for stabilizing the rates of issued stable coins. The project is doing well, and next year they promise to launch as many as 160 new projects on their blockchain.

Luna is currently the second-largest Total Value Locked (TVL) after Ethereum:


These are just a few of the projects that are available in the Buffet Index. But even because of them, it’s worth investing in this portfolio! They will show good growth in the long term and will bring income to our investors.

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