Is Kazakhstan still suitable for your miners?

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Is Kazakhstan still suitable for your miners?

After China began to struggle with miners, they moved to neighboring Kazakhstan with access to affordable energy.

The recent events, when, against the backdrop of massive protests, the country’s authorities turned off the Internet, became an impetus for miners for the next move.

According to CNBC, protests are not the only reason to change the home country. Local authorities are not enthusiastic about miners and began to create additional difficulties for them. In particular, from 2022 additional taxation will be applied.

As a result, miners are ready to move their equipment to jurisdictions where there is no pressure from the authorities, and the political situation is stable.

ECOS is located in Armenia, at the territory of the Free Economic Zone and is ready to offer its clients access to the most modern mining equipment, uninterrupted power supply and Internet. Choose your mining contracts or equipment – and be sure that your assets are safe!

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