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What is Polygon (Matic)?

The Matic Polygon has one substantial characteristic trait – resistance to high transaction sums, unlike other worldwide popular means of cryptocurrency. 

It represents publicly available model of work which is based on providing programs and other tools for creation of single nets secured by Ethereum. Last week, the market capitalization of Polygon, founded by Indian players, exceeded the mark $10 billion. Moreover, in accordance with Coinmarketcap.com data, it is at present one of 20 the most influential global crypto tokens, its market cap reached $13 billion. Coinbase, participating in Nasdaq rating, includes Polygon in its operations since March.

Polygon is a complex consisting of side roads which Ethereum users can operate as tools for improvement of creation of applications for Ethereum blockchain, reducing amount of time and money spent on it. It is MATIC is totally free and based on high-tech cryptocurrencies, which enlarges its potential for conquering global crypto market.

Polygon’s growth (MATIC) in India

MATIC token’s price increased more than 120% in May.
Polygon has become more popular after sudden increase of price in May. According to a research paper of analytics firm IntoTheBlock, dated June 2, MATIC had a potential to resist huge downfall as MATIC gains popularity while fees for the DeFi-dominating Ethereum blockchain are constantly growing. MATIC’s amazing popularity allows to understand that cryptocurrency with the most reliable basis can mainly be resistant to the downfall of bitcoin’s price. So, even if transaction fees on Ethereum continue increasing, it wouldn’t be the obstacle for increasing of price in the nearest future.

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