Children and cryptocurrencies: is it necessary to teach financial literacy from childhood?

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Cryptocurrencies are the future of our economy. If we want our children to manage their money wisely, then we need to teach them to do this. And this applies not only to crypto-literacy, but also to financial literacy in general. And financial literacy is the key to the future growth of the global economy, which is of interest to everyone. 

It is worth introducing children to cryptocurrencies after they have learned about the basics of financial literacy. Still, cryptocurrencies are one of the types of assets, and before studying it, it is necessary to explain to children what diversification is, how different assets can be used to reduce risk and increase profitability. 

Most likely, we need to tie this not to a specific age, but to the level of knowledge. It is necessary to introduce crypto literacy into classes on general financial literacy or economics, and if there are no such classes, then create them with a module about cryptocurrencies.

The number of scammers is growing with the popularity of cryptocurrencies and better protection of the population is the prevention of fraudulent activities using cryptocurrencies. Understanding the operation of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies will help the population to be less likely to fall for the tricks of scammers.

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