Ayodeji Olufemi – your personal guide to the crypto world

– Tell us a little bit about yourself

– Hi! My name is Ayodeji. I’m an account manager and a team leader. I’ve been working with ECOS for about 3 years now.

What did you do before ECOS?

– For so many years I’ve been working in different kind of sales and account management.

What experience do you have as an investor?

– For about 6 years I’ve been into cryptocurrency and the stock market. Right now with ECOS I have about 6 cloud mining contracts and I have mining equipment like Antminer S19j Pro. Also, I’m investing personally in portfolios.

Share one interesting personal fact about yourself

– Well, apart from being an account manager in ECOS, I’m a professional bartender. I know how to make cocktails, how to mix so many drinks and it’s fun!

What advice can you give to ECOS clients and subscribers?

– My best advice for all ECOS users is to be very careful, don’t fall for scams. This is the greatest time for you to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Choose a very good cloud mining contract, choose mining devices and start making profits.

Investing reporter

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